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Gail Sits in a Chair

About why I've been somewhat remiss in posting these past few months...

Newsletter 29
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Karen Moore
Karen Moore

I'm brand new to this forum and was very surprised to read that you've had a little health set back! Praying that all goes well with you in your recovery. I've been an avid follower of your books and truly love the insight that you give us to this city we call home. Joanne feels like a special friend and that's thanks to you. Please look after yourself and get well quickly!


Julia Wille
Julia Wille

Wish you a good recovery and Happy Easter

I am a newcomer to your books and enjoy them very much.

The only critic so far : using a word that is supposedly German ( in The Glass Coffin) - alas it is not.

There is no “ prakiter Mensch” - the correct word is: ”praktischer Mensch” , and “Mensch”stands for person or human - not for man.



Dear Gail, by the time you read this, I hope you are at home and sitting in your own chair, working away at your desk. So happy that you survived, had excellent care at the hospital and the rehab center. Wishing you a full recovery. Happy Easter to you and your family. Corrine Gogal



Wishing you a complete recovery. Recently I have been re-reading and re-listening to all of the Joanne books. This is about my 4 time through the series and Joanne and her family and friends never fail to bring me a sense of peace and joy and renew my faith in the world. Obviously it is not Joanne doing this, but you. So thank you beyond all measure and hang in there. Please take care - you are a treasure.



Gail, I am so happy that you are recovering. It takes time, though, so take the time you need. We're all here and are pulling for you!

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