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Gosh, it's hot

In our neck of the woods (or prairies), we find ourselves in the midst of another heatwave: I hope you have a way to keep cool before you melt to a puddle like our abominable friend here. A newsletter may not provide much respite... unless you print it off and fan yourself with it!

Newsletter 7
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1 Comment

Jonnie Melendez
Jonnie Melendez
Jul 28, 2021

Hello. I’m currently reading your book Sleuth. On page 47, you suggested reading The Plague of Doves as an example of multiple first person narratives. You stated the ending was weak.

I’m going to take you up in your suggestion. Similar to you, I am 41 and writing my first novel. I’m like a sponge, absorbing everything.

I stopped reading to write this, so please forgive me if the question I have is answered later in the book. How would you recommend tying up the stories In The Plague of Doves?

Thank you for your time.

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