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Newsletter time!

Well, apparently it's not a monthly occurrence... but a weekly one! Here's the latest installment of Gail's newsletter.

Click below to download!

Inside the Steamy Secret World of the Wr
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I believe editors are better people to give advice to writers than are other writers. However, they are less well-known to the public than authors and are now given fewer opportunities to give advice in. public places than they were previously given for instance in the Banff summer program where writers will bring in more clients and more money. Margaret Blair


Susan Elaine Gray
Susan Elaine Gray

Love the story of the Writer who was NOT A RE-WRITER huffing out. Somehow reminded me of a woman who was so angry at my suggestions (regarding her writing) that I was afraid she was going to hit me! She bore right down into my face and hissed, "I've been praised by people who have been around the block a lot more times than you!" Thank you for these graceful vignettes. Delightful!

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