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Quotes for the New Year

2022 fast approaches, and as I replace my calendars – I still use some old-timey ones made from paper – I update a few thoughts to go along with...

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Marilyn Stawecki
Marilyn Stawecki
Dec 29, 2021

Camus did say it very well…though it is still very hard. We really never did know what we had until it was gone, did we? I do still believe in the invincibility of the human spirit and I know we will be all living a new ‘normal’ life soon. Best of wishes for a very healthy and much more fun New Year Gail. Your writing is so appreciated!


Dec 29, 2021

Amen Gail...Amen


Dec 28, 2021

Excellent choice, my dear friend. Camus was a little long-winded but a lot of what he wrote was spot on.

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